Business Licenses

All commercial and select home businesses must have a city-issued business license to operate in Providence City. Each license is good from January 1 through December 31. Yearly license renewals are due on January 1, late fees are added on February 1, and a second penalty is added on March 1. 

EXCEPTION: A license or permit is not required for a business that is operated only occasionally or by an individual who is under 18 years of age.

Commercial vs. Home Occupation Licenses
If you are starting a business that operates from a location outside of your home, you will need to fill out a Commercial License application. If you will be operating a business from the same physical address as your home and that business qualifies as a Conditional Use, you will need to submit a Home Occupation License application. If your home business is not considered Conditional Use, but you would still like a business license for tax and other legal purposes, you are still welcome to fill out the Home Occupation License application.

What uses are allowed in my neighborhood?
Providence City Code -Title 10 (Zoning Regulations), Chapter 6 (Use Regulations) contains the Use Chart which identifies how land and buildings may be used within zoning districts. To use the chart you first need to determine what zoning district you are within. To do such, type the physical address where you will be conducting business into the search bar on the Zoning Map, when the search results open, click the color area next to your result, and write down the zoning code provided. Now go to the Use Chart, find your ‘use’ in the left column and ‘zoning code’ across the top; where the two intersect there will be a letter which indicates the use type. If the letter C is in the intersecting box you are required to submit both a Business License AND Conditional Use application.


To renew a business license, please call us at (435) 752-9441.

New Applications

New licenses must check the Use Chart to determine if a Conditional Use application is required along with the Business License application. When ready, click below to be redirected to the Citizen Portal, scroll to Business License, and read ALL the information provided in the middle section before proceeding further.

Solicitor, Peddler, Transient, and Itinerant Businesses

The following require a separate application:
Solicitor Registration Packet
Peddler, Transient or Itinerant Business License Application