City Council

Providence City operates under a six-member council form of government. The powers of municipal government in a municipality operating under the six-member council form of government are vested in a council consisting of six members, one of which is a mayor. (Utah Code 10-3b-301). City Council meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Providence City Offices, 164 North Gateway Drive, Providence UT. To view the City Council Bylaws click HERE.

Council Members

Pic of Mayor Alder
(435) 752-9441
Carrie Kirk
City Council Member
(435) 757-1444
David Kunz
City Council Member
jeff neb headshot
City Council Member
(801) 710-7820
Picture of Brent Speth
City Council Member
(435) 757-3875
Jeanell S. Sealy
City Council Member
(435) 227-5891