General Plan

What is the General Plan?

The general plan is a comprehensive policy document that is used to help guide the City in its future growth and change. In broad terms, the General Plan aims to map and communicate Providence City’s future based on a shared vision of the community. The ideas in this General Plan provide a means to improve the community character and quality of life for residents, increase prosperity and business development opportunities, and address city goals within the context of the growing region and regional impacts outlined in the plan document.

Why do we have a General Plan?

This General Plan functions in two roles for the City. First, this document updates and replaces the 2000 General Plan and ensures Providence meets the State requirements set by The State of Utah’s Land Use Development and Management Act (LUDMA). Secondly, the Plan is an advisory document that provides a basis for informed future decision-making. The General Plan encourages consistency by establishing a framework for decision-making both in the short term and long-term. The plan provides guidance to land owners, current and future business owners, and residents. An understanding of the long-term vision for the City is needed so people can make decisions regarding their land with confidence in understanding the parameters of planning policies and why they are in place. City leaders and citizens have stated that they wish to preserve the character of Providence. This Plan ensures that this can be achieved while still ensuring that landowners are able to exercise their development rights.