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The Historic Preservation Commission carries out a program of identification, evaluation, and protection of the historic and cultural sites, properties, and resources within the city. Historic Preservation Commission meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Agendas are available online or by calling the City Office at (435) 752-9441. Agendas are also displayed at the Providence City Office, 164 North Gateway Drive.

Searchable Minutes Database

View a searchable minutes database (NOTE: Formatting may differ from the PDF copies below. Meeting dates available for search will gradually expand as we add previous minutes to the database)

Minutes Note

Final minutes of the Historic Preservation Commission meetings are not released to the public until after the committee has reviewed and approved them. Approval of the previous meetings’ minutes normally occurs at each meeting. Minutes may be obtained by clicking the links below or by contacting the City Office.

Historic Register

Have a home or building that you think might qualify for the National Register of Historic Places. Click HERE to find out.

“One cannot escape history. It is recorded in the kind of homes the people build, the churches they erect, the monuments they construct, in written and spoken worlds, and in the families they raise.”
-Abraham Lincoln

Historic Preservation Commission Members