• Burials are not permitted on Sundays or city-observed holidays
  • No more than two burials will be conducted per day
  • All fees must be paid in full AND a minimum notice of two business days must be given prior to both burials and headstone placements. Notifications must take place during business hours
  • Two cremations may be placed in a single space
  • Vaults are required for all casket burials. Cremated remains must be placed in an urn or container provided by a mortuary

Fee Schedule

Type Cost
Burial Rights (space)* $800
Open/Close Weekday $625
Open/Close Saturday $1200
Infant Open/Close Weekday $300
Infant Open/Close Saturday $800
Cremation Open/Close Weekday $300
Cremation Open/Close Saturday $800
Certificate Transfer $75
Upright Headstone Install ** $100
Flat Headstone Install** $25

*Purchase of space(s) shall be on an as-needed basis only, with a limit of 4 spaces per household (restrictions apply).
**Only one monument is allowed per space.

Holiday Schedule

The Providence Cemetery will be closed for burials and other cemetery services on the following days:

January: 1, 15
February: 19
May: 23-28
June: 19
July: 4, 24
September: 2
November: 11, 28-30
December: 2, 24-25
January 2025: 1, 20

Providence City Fee Schedule

For additional cemetery details, please read Title 7 Chapter 4 of the City Code.


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River Heights, UT 84321
United States

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