Why do we include moderate income housing?

Includes ADU (Accessory dwelling unit) and IADU (Internal accessory dwelling unit) information

Utah Code 10-9a-403(2)(b) requires the general plan include a moderate income housing element. The moderate income housing element includes a plan to facilitate a reasonable opportunity for a variety of housing, including moderate income housing, to meet the needs of people of various income levels living, working, or desiring to live or work in the city; and to allow people with various incomes to benefit from and fully participate in all aspects of neighborhood and community life.
The plan must analyze how the city will provide a realistic opportunity for the development of moderate income housing within the next five years. The plan must also include 3 or more moderate income strategies that are listed in the state code, identify the timeline for implementing each strategy, identify specific measures and benchmarks for implementing each strategy (whether one-time or ongoing), and provide flexibility for the municipality to make adjustments as needed.
Utah Code 10-9a-408 requires the city to annually submit a report reviewing the progress of the plan implementation to the Housing and Community Development Division within the Department of Workforce Services.

Providence City Moderate Income Element General Plan 2020 Note: the moderate income housing goals and objectives have been revised. See 6-3 Overall Goals and Objectives as revised November 16, 2022. Resolution 016-2022 amending the wording of strategies listed in 6.3 Moderate Income Housing Element, adopted the 16th day of November 2022.
Providence City submitted the report on 09/30/2022. Revised report submitted 12/08/2022.