Garbage/Green Waste/Recycling Services

A map shows the different sections and pickup schedule for waste collection in Providence.

Providence City contracts with the Logan City Environmental Department for waste collection. If you have questions regarding your utility billing, contact the Providence City office at (435) 752-9441. If you have problems regarding your pickup, etc., please contact the Logan City office at (435) 716-9755.

As Logan City separates service from other cities in Cache Valley, the pickup schedule has changed. As of Oct. 1, 2023, pickup in Providence will run Monday-Thursday. To verify your pickup day, please visit There, you can see the map, or enter your address to find your collection schedule. Providence City will begin its own waste collection services in the spring of 2024, and the pickup schedule set now should remain the same then. 

Green Waste

Green waste is picked up every week. Please remember Logan City no longer provides curbside branch pickup. There is also no longer a public green waste dumpster at the Providence Public Works building. All green waste that does not fit in your curbside bin will need to be taken to the Logan Landfill at 153 North 1400 West.


Recycling is picked up every other week. The 2023 recycling schedule is linked at the bottom of this page, and is available online. Please be sure to follow the Cache County Recycling Guidelines. One contaminated curbside bin can contaminate the entire truck of materials meant to be recycled, which in turn costs the city money.