City-Wide Fiber Internet Utility

Providence City recognizes the importance of high-speed internet in our community. That’s why we have partnered with Strata Networks to bring a city-wide open-access network. This page will provide more information on the project.

Image on purple background describing benefits of the Providence Fiber Network.
An image of a roadmap, identifying the steps of fiber connection.

​​​​​​1. The Fiber Project Started: Design and preparation are ongoing throughout the project.   

2. Mainline Construction: Mainline construction happens when crews place the main fiber line along public roads and city rights-of way.

3. Construction to Properties: After mainline construction in an area is complete, crews begin working on construction to properties. During this step, crews get the fiber ready to feed lines directly to homes and businesses.

4. Fiber Drop: Once fiber is ready to be placed at your home, crews will contact you to discuss your fiber drop. This is when crews bring fiber directly to your home and will involve some construction on your property. You will be notified before work takes place on private property beyond the city rights-of-way, and great care will be taken to return your yard to its previous condition after the work is completed.  

5. Final Installation: Shortly after fiber is placed to your home, you be contacted to select your internet service provider and make an appointment for your in-home equipment installation. 

*Please note that due to the complexity of building a fiber network, the sequencing of the above steps can vary from area to area. 

You may be eligible for a discount on your internet service. Having affordable and reliable internet service at home is now essential to sustaining important aspects of our everyday lives. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new federal program that helps low-income families afford the cost of internet services. Visit to learn more and apply.