Public Hearing - Parking Regulations Amendments

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Providence City Code Amendment

Providence City Citizens,


          Please take notice that the Providence City Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing to discuss a proposal to amend the city code regarding parking regulations and requirements. City Code: Title 10 – Zoning Regulations, Title 8 – Area Regulations and Parking Requirements, Section 6 – Parking Regulations. The amendment seeks to establish clear and general requirements.

For information about what changes are being requested please contact the Providence City Offices at 164 N Gateway Dr, by phone at 435-752-9441 or visit


DATE: April 24th, 2024

TIME: 6:00 PM


The purpose of the public hearing is to provide an opportunity for anyone interested to comment before any action is taken. The city invites you to offer your comments by attending the hearing or by email to providencecityutah [at] or text to 435-752-9441. If you are disabled and/or need assistance to attend the public hearing, please call 752-9441 before 5:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting.

Thank You,


Ty Cameron

Providence City Recorder


Posted on this    11th    day of April 2024 on, Utah Public Notice Website, Providence City Post Office, Providence City Office Building, Macey’s Grocery Store and Vons Baer Park.