City Related After-Hours Emergency

If you have an after-hours City related emergency please call:
 Apr 12 - Apr 19  435-994-0948
This is NOT for emergencies involving fire, law enforcement, or animal control.

Pipeline Drawing - Winners

Congratulations to Natalie Mortensen, Blake Hadfield, and Bret Tanner. Their names were randomly selected from those that signed up for the Pipeline during February.

Providence Pipeline Signup

Click HERE to subscribe to the Providence Pipeline Community Alert System

Athletic Field Conditions

Baseball Fields: Open

Batting Cages: Open

Soccer Fields: Open

Softball Fields: Open

(Updated: 04/16/2018 @ 7:29 PM)

2018 Meeting Schedule

Pursuant to Utah Code 52-4-202, Providence City hereby gives notice of its annual meeting schedule for each public body which holds regular meetings that are scheduled in advance over the course of a year.
Unless otherwise published, all meetings will be held at the Providence City Office, 164 North Gateway Dr, Providence UT, and will begin at 6:00PM.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage collection day for Providence is on Wednesday. Recycling collection is every other week. Information on this can be found here.

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Providence City, Utah


City Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
164 North Gateway Drive, Providence UT 84332
Phone: 435-752-9441 Fax: 435-753-1586

Mayor's Town Hall

On the first Saturday of every month from 8:00AM to 10:00AM, a Town Hall will be held at City offices.
We will have a topic for each Town Hall with a presentation. Anyone is welcome who would like to ask
questions, be heard, get answers on any topic. We will serve refreshments and be prepared to
accommodate parents with kids. We will have our youth council available to watch the kids in the first
floor classroom.
The Town Hall will be held in council chambers on the 2nd floor Saturday, May 5th, and the topic will be budget.
Let Mayor Drew know if you have suggestions for topics you’d like to cover in depth at future Town Halls.

Pickleball Clinics

Providence City is offering pickleball clinics this summer.
Registration dates: April 2 - May 11, 2018. Click Recreation for more information.
The Providence City pickleball courts are located at Alma H Leonhardt Park 310 West 250 North.

Spring Cleanup and Green Waste Bins

The green waste bins are now at the Public Works Facility (350 East Center) and available for use. If the bins are full please do not place your green waste on the ground.

We are getting one garbage dumpster for spring cleanup. Watch for the dumpster around the 20th of April; it will be here for 2 weeks. This year the dumpster will be located at the Public Works Facility (350 East Center); we will not have a dumpster at 400 South Main. Please do not place garbage on the ground if the dumpster is full. Please remember tires are not allowed.

There will also be a dumpster at the Public Works Facility for metal items.

The City will begin picking up green waste/branches on Monday, April 16th. The City will not pick up any stumps. We will not pick up branches that are longer than 10 feet or bigger than 6 inches in diameter. Please do not put stumps or large branches out for pickup. We will go over the entire City one time. After we have been along your street, please do not put more branches out. Please keep branches out of the curb and gutter and ditches.

Please Keep Waterways Clean

Please help keep the waterways on or along your property clean and free from any debris that may impede the flow of the water. Please do not blow or rake lawn clippings, leaves, or other debris in to the gutters or ditches. Thank you.



Construction or repairing of buildings, Pile drivers, Hammers, Yelling, Shouting, Radios, subwoofers, Power Lawn Mowers, and Snow blowers, etc.  All shall be prohibited between the hours of ten (10:00) p.m. and six (6:00) a.m. the following day, local prevailing time, except in case of urgent necessity in the interest of public health and safety, and then only with a permit from the city.


Utility Billing

Online Bill Pay is now available.

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Providence Canyon Trail

When going to Providence Canyon to shoot your guns for recreation or to hunt, please make sure you NEVER SHOOT SOUTH toward the trail.  There are signs noting this, but please be aware and use extra caution.  Be safe and have fun!

For more information regarding the trail plese click the following web address and scroll to Providence Canyon Trail.

Cougar sightings

We don't want to cause alarm but want to give you information on what you can do.
We have heard report of cougars being sited in our city. Please see link below from Utah division of Wildlife Services on what to do if you see one.     Northern Region Phone: 801-476-2740

Splash Pad

The splash pad is located at Alma H Leonhardt Park, 310 West 250 North.
The splash pad is closed for the season. It will reopen on Memorial Day Weekend 2018.