2023 Election Information

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The 2023 election season is here! Below is all the important information you need to vote this cycle, but don't hesitate to reach out to the Providence City office if you have additional questions.

Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 21

Ballots should arrive in your mailbox on or around Nov. 1. If you do not receive a ballot and think you should have, please contact the Cache County Clerk at (435) 755-1461. 

If returning your ballot by mail, it must be postmarked by Nov. 20. Ballots being returned to a dropbox must be turned in by 8 p.m. on Nov. 21. There is a dropbox in the parking lot of the Providence City Office, or you can find additional locations around Cache County. In-person voting will be held at the Cache County Event Center at the Cache County Fairgrounds located at 490 South 500 West in Logan.

Visit www.cachecounty.org/elections for all official election information, including ballot dropbox locations.

Election Details

Providence City has three City Council seats open this election, with four candidates running. The city held a Meet the Candidates night on Oct. 23, introducing the four potential council members. A full replay of the Q&A session is on the Providence City YouTube page. 

All four candidates also have profiles at vote.utah.gov. Click that link, then "Learn About Candidates and Issues." You will be prompted to put your address in, then will be taken to the candidates and issues as they pertain to your address.

Cache County School District Bond Proposition

Also on the ballot this year is a bond proposition for Cache County School District. Due to extensive growth, as well as the addition of state funding for all-day kindergarten, the school district has outgrown its current accommodations. The proposed projects for this bond include the addition of two new middle schools, the construction of a new elementary school and the conversion of the Spring Creek Middle School—the district’s smallest middle school—into an elementary school. More details and information to help you make an informed vote on this matter are available at www.ccsdut.org/2023bond.