Mainline Construction Complete on Providence City Fiber Network

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PROVIDENCE, Utah – An exciting era of enhanced connectivity is upon Providence City as it announces the successful completion of mainline construction on the Providence City Fiber Network. This achievement represents a significant milestone for Providence as it gets closer to becoming the first city in Cache Valley to offer city-wide fiber internet, the most advanced internet technology available in the world.


“Our goal of making high-speed fiber internet available to every Providence citizen is close to becoming a reality,” said Mayor Kathleen Alder. “We look forward to the next several months when everyone will have an opportunity to connect to this cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing how we educate, work remotely and access entertainment. We hope everyone will connect making Providence the most progressive city in Cache Valley. We appreciate the collaboration with Strata which has made this dream a reality.”


The completion of the mainline construction, which involved dedicated efforts from several teams to place over 250,000 feet of conduit in the city rights-of-way, signifies a crucial step in the fiber overbuild, as the mainline fiber is ultimately what connects residents to the backbone of the network. While this phase of the process has wrapped up, crews will continue to be seen throughout the city placing fiber in conduit and completing service drops to homes that choose to subscribe to the network. 


Providence City residents who live in the final zone will be contacted by Strata Networks, the city’s Network Operator, to coordinate installing fiber to individual properties and inside homes. These are the final steps to take to join the network and are necessary actions even for those who wish only to subscribe to the basic utility internet package. 


"The successful completion of mainline construction is a significant achievement,” said Strata Networks CEO/General Manager Bruce Todd. “It is a testament to the collective efforts of Strata Networks and Providence City and our shared vision to create a digitally inclusive and thriving community. We are thrilled to be one step closer to realizing that vision.”


Construction on the network first began in 2021, and the project is expected to be fully complete in April 2024. Residents and businesses will be able to join the network after that date; however, they will be subject to installation fees beginning as early as next spring. The city encourages all remaining residents who have not finished their sign-up process to visit to complete their connections before April to avoid facing fees. For more information on the project, visit