Providence City OHV/ATV Regulations

Official Providence City law can be seen here.

  •    Age Requirements.
  1.    Operator must be 16 years of age with a valid Utah Driver’s license (Utah Code 53-3) or a Utah OHV Education Certificate for that type of OHV.
  2.    If the operator is under the age of 16 the operator must have in possession a Utah OHV Education Certificate and be supervised by an adult in accordance with Utah Code 41-22-30. A person age 15 may substitute a valid Utah Driver Learner’s Permit for the adult supervision requirement.  Supervision must be at a distance of no more than 300 feet within which visual contact is maintained and advice and assistance can be given and received.
  3.     All persons under the age of 18 operating or riding on an OHV must properly wear protective headgear in accordance with Utah Code 41-22-10.8.

Red lines indicate all streets that may be crossed at intersections but not driven on.
  •       Equipment Requirements
  1.    An OHV must be equipped with functional headlights and taillights. To operate between one half-hour after sunset and one half-hour before sunrise the OHV must use head and tail lights.
  2.    It must have brakes with the ability to stop and hold the vehicle under normal conditions.
  3.    It must have an unmodified noise suppression device and a United States Forest Service approved spark arrestor. Spark arrestors are not required for snowmobiles or vehicles with purely electric propulsion.
  4.    Snowmobiles may only operate on Providence City Streets when there is sufficient snow and ice to keep the snowmobile from damaging the roadway.
  5.     At all times OHVs should have a registration card (Utah Code 41-22-3) and proof of liability insurance (Utah Code 41-21a-401) with them to be available for inspection by a law enforcement officer.

  •     Areas of Operation
  1.    All OHVs may be operated on all Providence City streets except those designated on the map to the left.
  2.    OHVs may not be operated on sidewalks.
  3.    OHV use within the boundaries of providence city parks is restricted to the parking lots.
  4.    Operating an OHV on land that is cultivated, landscaped, or otherwise developed is prohibited without the property owners consent.
  5.     OHVs operating on Providence City streets must abide by all applicable ordinances and laws as set out in Utah Code 41-6a.

OHVs include all ATVs, off road motorcycles, golf carts, or off-road motor vehicle.

OHVs do NOT include any vehicle designed to carry a disabled person, any vehicle not specifically designed for recreational use, any vehicle licensed by the State of Utah for highway use, or farm machinery including OHVs registered as implements of husbandry under Utah Code 41-22-5.5.

A fine of $75 maybe charged for violations of these laws, and will be guilty of a Class C Misdemeanor.

Information about OHV registration can be found here.