Mayor's Town Hall

On the first Saturday of every month from 8:00AM to 10:00AM, a Town Hall will be held at City offices in the City Council Chambers on the 2nd floor. We will have a topic for each Town Hall with a presentation. Anyone is welcome who would like to ask questions, be heard, get answers on any topic. We will serve refreshments and be prepared to accommodate parents with kids. We will have members of our Miss Providence Royalty and/or Youth Council available to watch the kids in the first floor classroom.

Please let Mayor Drew know if you have suggestions for topics you’d like to cover in depth at future Town Halls.
Email:  Cell: (435) 760-8989

February 3, 2018: City Streets - Our Biggest Challenge

We will discuss the USU LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program, roads survey done for Providence streets this past year, and long-range plans for maintenance, repairs and road replacement (TAMS PowerPoint Presentation)Click here for the PowerPoint presented by Mayor Drew.