2017 Campaign Finance Reports

John Drew 08/08/2017
Kirk Allen 08/03/2017
Brent Larsen 08/08/2017

2017 Providence Primary Election

Municipal Primary Election

August 15, 2017 Election is by mail only. 
Ballots will be comming through the mail. Expect to start to see them middle of July

Campaign Finance Reports

2015 Election
Kirk Allen - 09-09-2015, 10/23/2015; 11/20/2015 final
Roy Sneddon - 10-20-2015; 11/20/2015 final
Sandra T Checketts - 08-10-2015, 10/26/201511/30/2015 Final
Rowan E Cecil - 08-20-2015, 10/23/2015  11/30/2015 final
Jeffrey D Turley - 10-20-2015, 11/05/2015 final,
Dennis A Giles - 10/26/2015, 12/02/2015 final

2013 Election
Don W Calderwood - 10/25/2013  Final 11/15/2013
Ronald S Liechty - 10/28/2013  Final 12/04/2013

Steven Liechty - 10/29/2013
John Drew - 10/29/2013  Final 11/20/2013
Jeff Baldwin - 10/24/2013 Final 11/26/2013

Notice to Providence City Voters

Providence City Voters, the printer made an error on the ballot envelopes that you are receiving for the Primary Election. The old city office address was used in error. The correct street address is 164 North Gateway Drive. The post office has been notified; they will work with the City so ballots are delivered in a timely manner.
The Warning insert was also printed incorrectly. Please do not mail your ballots to the County Clerk's Office.
The Warning insert should state: Please mark your selections then fill out and sign the back of the return envelope and mail this ballot back to the City Recorder's Office 164 North Gateway Drive Providence, UT 84332
The printer apologizes for any confusion and inconvenience.

2017 Candidates

The following Providence City residents have filed a Declaration of Candidacy for the 2017 Municipal Election.

Mayor (4-Year Term)    
John Drew  

Declaration of Candidacy Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices
 Kirk Allen

Declaration of Candidacy  
 Brent Larsen

Declaration of Candidacy Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices
Council Member (4-year Term)    
Sharell Eames Declaration of Candidacy Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices
Kristina Eck Declaration of Candidacy Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices
 Jeff Baldwin Declaration of Candidacy Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices
 Craig Kendrick Withdrawn  
Rowan Ernest Cecil Nomination Petition  

2017 Municipal Election

2017 Municipal Election

Primary Election Date: August 15, 2017

Providence City will be holding a primary  election for the office of Mayor. 

The candidates for mayor are: John Drew, Kirk J Allen, Brent Larsen

Voting for this election will be by-mail.

Registered voters will be receiving ballots  in the mail on or about July 20.


For your ballot to be counted, your ballot must be mailed and clearly postmarked before Election Day, or otherwise clearly marked by the post office as received by the post office before election day (no later than August 14, 2017) or you may drop your ballot off at the official ballot drop-off located at the Providence City Office Building, 164 North Gateway Drive, Providence.

Ballots will be accepted at the Providence City Recorder’s Office, (164 North Gateway Drive, Providence UT) on Election Day (August 15, 2017) until 8:00 p.m.


2016 Election Results

OFFICIAL 11/03/2015 Municipal Election Results

Canvass of 11/03/2015 ELECTION RESULTS

Election Results - Providence Primary 8/11/2015

In accordance with UCA 20A-4-301, on August 25, 2015, the City Council, acting as the Board of Canvass, accepted the totals on the Canvass Report as the official results for the Primary Election held August 11, 2015.
Based on the official returns the following candidates received a Certificate of Nomination: Kirk Allen, Roy Sneddon, Sandra T Checketts, Rowan E Cecil, Jeffrey D Turley, Dennis A Giles.