Providence City operates under a six-member council form of government. The powers of municipal government in a municipality operating under the six-member council form of government are vested in a council consisting of six members, one of which is a mayor. (Utah Code 10-3b-301).
City Council meetings are generally held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Providence City Office Building, 164 North Gateway Drive, Providence UT
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John Drew
435-760-8989 168 North Main, Providence 84332


Jan. 2022

Kirk Allen
 435-512-1796 564 South 480 East
Providence 84332   Jan. 2020

Brent Fresz
  1140 Grandview Dr
Providence UT   Jan. 2020
Kristina Eck 435-757-7259 663 Cove
Providence 84332   Jan. 2022
Dennis A. Giles 435-752-9489 350 Fairwood Circle
Providence 84332   Jan. 2020

Roy Sneddon
435-787-1107 295 Stonehenge
Providence 84332   Jan. 2020
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